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Customized Training for Your Employees

I can teach the course either using a Webinar Platform (Zoom or TEAMS) or In-Person at your company location.

Why Many Clients Prefer Webinars

                                                                                                                                                                              1.  Lower costs. By eliminating travel costs, our training classes easily fit into most company         budgets.

                                                                                                                                                                              2.  Flexibility.  Webinars are usually much easier to schedule                                                                       around your business work schedule.

3.  Remote Workers.  If you have employees that work                                                                       

     remotely, a webinar platform is a good alternative so they                                                                       can attend the class without the extra travel expense.

4.  Cost Effective for Very Small Groups.  Perhaps you only                                                                       have a few employees that need coaching or training. 

     I am a "certified business coach", trained and experienced                                                           

     in putting together individual performance plans.

Why Many Clients Prefer In-Person

1.  Interaction. It's a Live in person event. Most attendees are more interactive when it's an               "In-Person event".

2.  Live events fit in well with company meetings.


Why Hire Pat Murphy?

I offer affordable solutions to hiring, training and retaining the best staff for your organization.

If you have ever attended one of my courses, you know                                                                         they are: fun, very interactive, and realistic. Your                                                                       employees will walk out of my class with:

  • Simple, practical strategies to manage employees,                                                                      their time and communication. 

  • Simple templates to use for those tough conversations. 

  • Creative, easy to impliment ideas to motivate your                                                            employee and create a positive, empowering team. 

Please check out the "TOPICS" tab  above for the class schedule.

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