How to Cut the Length of a         Meeting in Half!

Here's the problem.

  • Meetings don't start or end on time.

  • Meetings don't stay on track.

  • People get long winded.

  • Side conversations.

  • Nothing gets accomplished.

  • We have meetings about the meeting.

It's simple:  Ineffective meetings are one of the biggest time wasters in business.

Here is the answer.



The topics discussed are real problems...and so are the solutions.

To download the 64 page workbook

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How to Hire the Right Employee.

105 of the BEST interview Questions.

  • A 50 page printable workbook.
  • 105 of the BEST interview questions AND what to listen for in the job applicant's response.
  • 19 strategies to find very qualified  applicants.                                     
  • How to write an simple, effective job description.
  • 11 questions NOT to ask in an interview.
  • Onboarding 
  • Ready to use forms and templates
  • Plus much more
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How to Remember Peoples Names

Here's the problem.

  • You meet someone for the first time. 10 seconds later, you forgot their name...but they remember yours.

  • You run into someone at a business function.  They act like your best friend...and you have no idea who that person is!

  • Your friend introduces you to 5 people in a group setting.  You can't recall anyone's name. 

  • Have you ever attended a conference and the speaker can remember 50 or more peoples names?  I've met many speakers who can remember many names at once.  

Every speaker will tell's a learned business skill and its not about's about recall.

Here are their tricks of the trade.

These are simple, easy to use strategies that will help you remember names, especially in business situations.

To download the 30 page workbook

Online Price:  $19.95

        How to Identify People's         (Customers) Personality Profile     in 15 Seconds or Less. 

Here's the problem.

You are making a sales presentation, answering a customer complaint or question and you just don't seem to be connecting.

The problem could are not communicating to the customer's personality style.

In this workbook, you will learn how to quickly identify someone's personality style by:

  • A few key words they use.

  • The tone of their voice.

  • Even what their desk looks like.


               Here is the answer.

This is a simplified version of the DISC (R) personality program. 

To download this 55 page workbook.

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How to Read Body     Language in                     10 Seconds Flat!

This program will teach you how to read the body language of:
A job applicant.
A customer during a sales presentation.
Your boss and co-worker.                                                                          Here is what you get:
  • 50 page printable workbook.                                                  ​
  • Over 50 pictures and illustrations, demonstrating the gestures.
  • Two (2) gestures which can indicate that someone is lying to you.                                                                 
  • Lessons learned from law enforcement and Federal Agents.
  • Seventeen (17) gestures to watch for when interviewing a job applicant.
  • Thirty-Two (32) gestures to look for when making a sales presentation.                                  A lesson learned from the TV show Shark Tank (c).
  • Ten (10) gestures which can indicate your boss or customer likes or dis-likes what you are saying.
  • Two (2) gestures which usually mean the customer wants to ask you a question. 
  • Several gestures which clearly indicate the customer or your boss is confused by what you are saying.
  • Plus much more!
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                    The author, Pat Murphy has taught over 1000 seminars on Supervising Employees                                          and Communication Skills. Pat has hundreds of letters of recommendation on file from satisfied clients.