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2023 Training Topics







  • The 7 Guidelines to help you earn respect. 

       and how to correct it.

  • The 4 main reasons why employees don't meet expectations.

  • Dealing with performance GAPS.

  • How to build a culture of accountability.

  • Supervising friends and peers.

  • Coaching employees when mistakes are made.

  • Having "tough" conversations with employees using this simple template.

  • Creating a positive workplace. Motivating without money!

  • A 30 - 60 minute Q&A, where specific questions and situations can be addressed.

     New Manager          & Supervisor

Less than 5 Years    Experience
Online Workshop

Managing Multiple Projects, Dealines and Changing Priorities

  • The myth of multitasking.

  • Handling the 3 BIGGEST time wasters in business:


  2. EMAIL 


  • Defeating procrastination

  • Prioritizing tasks and easily handle changing priorities using a simple I x U = S chart every day.

  • How to finally get control of your workday! (Lessons learned from a busted water heater)

  • ​How to take an overwhelming project and break it down to small workable parts using a WBS chart.


  • How to delegate effectively, so its done right, the first time.









  • Preventing (or greatly reducing) miscommunication.

  • Listening. I mean really "hearing" what the other person is saying to you.

  • Getting to the "root cause" of an issue, so you know exactly what the problem is and how to move forward.

  • Twelve (12) keys to having a real dialog with another person.

  • Controlling your emotions using                     5 Chairs - 5 Choices. (so you don't say something you wish you could take back)

  • Giving "corrective feedback ...diplomatically


  • Learn how to make your point clearly and concisely using this simple template.

  • How to disagree with a coworker, a customer or even your boss...diplomatically.

How to Communicate with Tact and Diplomacy in the Workplace

Criticism and Discipline Skills for Managers and Supervisors

  • Performance GAPS.  Is it an Aptitude problem or an Attitude problem. Use the Can Do Will Do Grid to find out.


  • Performance Motivators. Seven elements that contribute to good performance.

  • Are Communication Practices Contributing to Performance Problems?

  • Learn how to RESPOND not REACT to an employee's performance problem. Controlling emotions.

  • The (4) four main reasons why employees don't meet standards and the simple strategies to solve the problem.

  • How to define standards in measurable ways. "If you can measure it, you can manage it."

  • To discover performance problems, ask these six (6) questions.

  • Responding to performance problems.


  • When your action plan doesn't produce results. PIP Basics.

  • Avoiding grievance problems when disciplining an employee.

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