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About Pat Murphy

Hi.  Thanks for checking out my website.  I appreciate it. Before starting my training career, I was very fortunate to own a successful marketing and advertising company in Florida. I absolutely know that without a great team of employees, no company can be successful and I owe everything to my team.


A few years ago, I decided to sell the company and become a contract trainer

(teacher) with several of the largest and most successful training companies in

the world including:


  • Pryor Learning Solutions (Fred Pryor Seminars) - Park University

  • SkillPath Seminars - Graceland University

  • National Seminars - Rockhurst University

  • SIA Group - London England


Each year I've been voted as one of the TOP 3% of ALL trainers                                                                             by the thousands of clients  I've taught throughout the years.


YES...I work very hard at being the best trainer I can be.


I think a lot of my success comes from being able to relate to the

people attending the class. Whether it be people who work in a                                                                           professional office environment to hard working construction

workers. Brand new supervisors to very experienced managers.

Millennials to baby boomers. I relate the training message to

fit the audience.


As one attendee said: "I really like the way you related to our industry. You talked with us not at us." 

I promise I will bring the same level of professionalism to your company or organization.

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